Asian Burmese Rehome



GRCH Xchardi Xylsis Sapphire.

Clarenlis Inyanga Adeola x GRCH Chinatree Xchardi Anderson 




GrCh Xchardi Ta Dah X Inyanga Nilgiri





Adiftsh Riviera-Bella aka Isobel
ASH cs 11
Ch Karesama Silver Seaxanas X Khazarox Isobella
A big thank you to Guy Clarke for trusting us to care for Isobel


CH Chamore Daffydowndilly aka Amy
ASH c 25
Ch Karesama Silver Seaxanas X Chamore Loveluvmedo
A huge thank you to Tricia Pallett for allowing Amy to come to Xchardi.


GrCh Chamore Thymeorwine
Kennbury Rajah X GrCh Jazztyme
Thanks to Tricia Pallet for entrusting us with Milly